Earth’s Sacred Calendar Book

There are two main ways order to order the printed version of this unique Old Testament Bible chronology and commentary.

Bible Timeline, the Publisher, offers this book at a 20% discount when ordered from this website. To get this discount use the code: 5YEV9XQV only when ordering directly from the Publisher from this website. The book is shipped directly from the Printer-Create Space in South Carolina.

Publisher Direct order link: 

Amazon also has several distributors of this book at different discounted prices. To order from Amazon use this link:

Bible Timeline is looking for distributors of this book at local church bookstores and other forms of Christian book distribution. Use the form on the Contact Page to reach the Publisher for more information.

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Laridian Bible Software: Old Testament Commentary This Bible software company provides a free digital Bible software for anyone who wants a useful tool for Bible study. Their PocketBible software is available for Windows, Android, iOS, iPhone, Mac OS and more. Earth’s Sacred Calendar is one of many Bible study books that can be purchased and added to the mobile Bible software. Earth’s Sacred Calendar is listed as an Old Testament Commentary. This version of the book is an older version that is missing Chapters 30-36 and is over 100 pages shorter than the printed book. This digital version of the book is searchable by verse which aids in an effective and efficient use of Bible study time. One of the benefits of these Laridian software products is that when a book is updated or changed, the new version is updated without further expense to the customer. Use the discount code “CALENDAR” when ordering this digital version of the book.

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