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The Age of the Earth Bible Timeline

Have you ever asked the question, “How old is the earth?” or “What is the age of the universe?”

You are about to learn what the Bible says about the creation of earth by God and the world history that follows the 7 days of Creation for the next 4,100 plus years. This Bible Timeline research concludes that the “first day” of Creation Week starts on the Gregorian solar calendar on Sunday October 21, 4101 BC at 6:00 p.m. in the area of earth now called Israel. This exact moment in time starts Monday October 14 – Creation Day One in 4115 BC on a Jewish Hebrew 364-Day “sacred” calendar. This 364-Day calendar is called “sacred” because it is totally derived from the numbered years in the Masoretic text of Scripture.

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Earth’s Sacred Calendar Book

Earth's Sacred Calendar Book

The Dated Events of the Old Testament

"This is a ground-breaking work that contains a wealth of reference information. It's a valuable addition to any believer's library and I highly recommend it." - Amazon Books review


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7 Days of Creation Week

7 Days of Creation Week

Creation Week on 2 Calendars

364-Day Calendar Starts 4115 BC

Oct. 14-20 - Creation Day 1-7 DFC

Gregorian-Hebrew Starts 4101 BC DFC

Oct. 22-28 - Heshvan 1-7 DFC

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Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam

Pre-Flood Patriarchs

The Creation of Adam

To Methuselah's Death

Oct. 19 - Creation Day 6, 4115 BC DFC

To Sept. 13 - Tishri 1, 2458 BC DFC

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Bible Timeline Poster

Bible Timeline Poster

Creation Week to the Resurrection

364-Day Years
4115 BC to 30 AD
4,143.5 Years

365.25 Day Years
4101 BC to 30 AD
4,129.5 Years

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Noah’s Ark Today

Noah's Ark Today

Noah's Ark and The Flood

The 600th Year of Noah

To The Rainbow Covenant

Sept. 13 - Tishri 1, 2458 BC DFC

To Dec. 21 - Tevet 2, 2457 BC DFC

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Joseph Sold Into Slavery

Joseph Sold Into Slavery

Post-Flood Patriarchs

Birth of Arphaxad

To Jacob Joins Joseph

Sept. 14 - Tishri 2, 2456 BC DFC

To Jan. 6 - Tevet 17, 1875 DFC

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Bible Timeline Products

Bible Timeline Products

Printed and PDF Download Book

Bible Timeline & Ussher Poster

Word, Excel, PDF, Calendar Charts

12’ JPG Scroll of Bible Timeline

Laridian Digital Bible Software

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Jacob Meets Pharoah

Jacob Meets Pharaoh

Israel's Patriarchs in Egypt

Jacob's Arrival in Egypt

Until First Passover

January 9 - Tevet 20, 1875 BC DFC

To April 2 - Nisan 15, 1445 BC DIS

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Moses Parts Red Sea

Moses Parts Red Sea

Exodus - The Building of a Nation

First Day of Exodus Until

Israel Mourns For Moses

April 2 - Nisan 15, 1445 BC DIS

To March 18 - Adar 30, 1405 BC DIS

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The 364-Day Sacred Calendar

364 Day Sacred Calendar

The 364 Day calendar of Genesis generates the Gregorian & Julian calendars used today.

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Joshua Crosses the Jordan

Joshua Crosses The Jordan

The Conquest of Canaan

Spies Sent Into Canaan

Until Death of Joshua

March 19 - Nisan 1, 1445 BC EST

To April 19 - Iyar 2, 1367 BC EDFC

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Samson and Delilah

Samson and Delilah

The Judges of Israel

Death of Eleazar Until

Israel Asks Samuel For a King

April 20 - Iyar 3, 1366 BC EDFC

To June 22 - Tammuz 7, 1050 BC EDFC

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Ussher’s Dates Compared

Ussher's Dates Compared

4,096 years-Creation to Birth of Jesus

Ussher’s Years
4004 BC to 5 BC
3,999 Solar Years

Bible Solar Years
4101 BC to 5 BC
4,096 Solar Years


David Crowned King

David Crowned King

Israel's Kings and Prophets

Samuel Anoints King Saul

Until Temple Starts Burning

September 22 - Tishri 10, 1050 BC EST

To July 21 - Av 7, 526 BC DIS

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Jerusalem Temple Burns

Jerusalem Temple Burns

70 Year Babylonian Captivity Starts

4th Day of Temple Burning

Until Start of Rebuilding Wall

To July 24─Av 10, 526 BC DIS

To July 18─Av 4, 455 BC DIS

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Nehemiah Rebuilding Wall

Nehemiah Rebuilding Wall

Daniel's First 7 of 70 Weeks

4th Day of Rebuilding Wall

Until End of the Book of Malachi

July 21 - Av 7, 455 BC DIS

To October 30 - Heshvan 10, 406 BC DFC

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The Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus

Christmas Story & Childhood of Jesus

Zacharias Meets the Angel Gabriel

Until Tiberius Begins Joint Reign

July 21 - Av 7, 6 BC EST

To July 2 - Tammuz 17, 11 AD Extra-Biblical

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The Baptism of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus

The Public Life of Jesus

John the Baptist Begins Public Ministry

Until Pentecost on Solar Sivan 6 in 30 AD

April 20 - Iyar 3, 6 BC EST

To Solar Date of Sunday Sivan 6 in 30 AD

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